Why Seatout Sucks

Let's be honest. Seatout isn't for everyone. Here's why you shouldn't use Seatout.

Why Seatout Sucks

Seatout is generally a good fit for businesses in three specific cases:

  • Your legacy reservation system costs too much and you’re looking to reduce costs
  • You are losing money due to a high reservation no-show rate
  • You spend little on marketing, yet there is frequently more demand (guests) than supply (seats)

But let’s be honest: Seatout isn’t for everyone. We do some things pretty well… and need improvement in other areas. In an attempt to be transparent and honest, here’s where we think Seatout sucks.

Table Management

Most reservation systems and POS systems have some form of table management built in. Generally, this includes floor layout, guest timers, and management of both walk-ins and reservations.

For the most part, Seatout doesn’t do table management. Seatout only manages the specific tables that you have allocated to reservations. But it won’t manage the rest of your tables (e.g. walk-ins).

Guest Acquisition

OpenTable does a good job of helping restaurants acquire new guests. OpenTable’s site allows guests to discover new restaurants by city, price point, and cuisine. If you heavily rely on guests to discover your restaurant on OpenTable, you probably shouldn’t use Seatout exclusively.

Seatout takes a different approach, relying on you (e.g. business owners, general managers) to drive guests to your reservation form. This can include online ads, social media, email campaigns, traffic from your website, and press releases.

Point of Sale

Seatout doesn’t perform any functions of a traditional point of sale terminal.

Internationalization and Globalization

Currently, Seatout only supports English. While user-specified fields (e.g. description) are localizable by users, the product itself is not localized. U.S. dollars are used for all currency amounts. And due to limitation imposed by our payments processor, only businesses based in the United States can use reservation deposits.

Sales and Support

While we attempt to build intuitive products which are self-servicable, Seatout doesn’t have an army of sales engineers or customer support staff.

Seatout is a good fit for people who learn by doing things themselves. You are welcome to register for free and evaluate the product without promoting it to your guests. And if you still have questions, every Seatout user gets the founder’s email address and personal phone number.