Testing Your Public Reservation Site

Learn how to validate your public reservation site before going live.

Once you’ve created your restaurant in Seatout and customized it, you should create test reservations. This helps ensure the best possible experience for your guests.

Login to platform.seatout.com. Click on the settings (gear) icon for your restaurant, followed by the green Promote button. Seatout will review your settings and report on any missing or incorrect settings which might prevent guests from creating a reservation. If errors are found, click the “Fix” button.

We encourage you to test the following:

  • Ensure the logo and cover image are attractive, well-branded, and adapt to both mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Ensure the address is correct and the Google Maps image is accurate.
  • Ensure the contact info (email, website URL, menu URL, social media links) are all correct.
  • Ensure the description / about text is accurate, free of spelling errors, and grammatically correct.
  • Ensure the calendar accurately reflects the days of the week your business is open.
  • Ensure the time drop down list accurately reflects your open hours.
  • Ensure the party size drop down accurately reflects the size of your tables.
  • Validate that the newly created reservation is visible on your restaurant’s reservation calendar.