Staff Permissions

Allow additional staff members permission to view and manage your reservation book.

By default, the person who creates a business or restaurant in Seatout is it’s owner. Owners have full permission to view and customize all aspects of the business in Seatout. Owners can optionally invite additional staff members, either with owner permissions or with a more restricted set of permissions.

Viewing Permissions

First, login to Find your business and click the configure (gear) icon. Under the Data and Security section, click on Staff Permissions.

The Permissions page lists all staff members, as well as their permissions level. The permissions level will be one of the following three options:

  • Owner permissions grant the ability to manage reservations, reservation policies, employees, and banking details.
  • Employee permissions all the ability to view and manage reservations. However, settings and policies may not be changed.
  • No Access prevents employees from viewing and modifying reservation and settings.

Granting Access for your Staff

To grant staff members permission, click the blue Invite Staff button. You’ll be prompted to enter their name and email address. Seatout will send your staff member an invitation to create an account, and grants them Employee permission by default.

Revoking Staff Permissions

If a staff member no longer requires permission to view and manage reservations, change their permissions level to No Access and click Save.

Comparison of Permission Levels

Action No Access Employee Owner
View Reservations   Yes Yes
View Warning, Errors, and Guidance   Yes Yes
View Reservation Deposit Revenue   Yes Yes
Create and View Blackout Dates   Yes Yes
Setup and Disable Reservation Deposits     Yes
View Hours and Open Days   Yes Yes
Modify Hours and Open Days     Yes
View Scheduling Method and Times   Yes Yes
Modify Scheduling Method and Times     Yes
View Table and Seating Configuration   Yes Yes
Modify Table and Seating Configuration     Yes
View Policies and Settings   Yes Yes
Modify Policies and Settings     Yes