Creating Your First Restaurant in Seatout

Start taking reservations for your business in as little as 5 minutes.

Creating Your First Restaurant in Seatout

Seatout organizes your reservations, settings, and permissions on a per-business basis. The creation process will take about 5 minutes.

1. Register: Start by creating an account in Seatout. Enter your name, email address, and choose a password. Accounts are free and take about 30 seconds to create.

2. Create: Once logged in, click the “+” icon in the upper right. This allows you to create a new business within Seatout.
Create Icon

3. Details: On the Create Business page, enter your business name, address, and phone number. Confirm that you are legally allowed to represent this business, then click ‘Create Business.’

As you enter the name, Seatout will find matching businesses near you. As an example, searching for “McDonald’s” while in Las Vegas will return:McDonald's Example
If you see your business listed, select it and Seatout will automatically fill out the address, website, days open, hours, a cover image, and time zone. Use auto-populated data as a starting point, which you can verify and customize further.

4. Seating: Before guests can make reservations, Seatout has to know which tables (or seats) are available. You’ll be prompted to add one or more tables, including its name and size. Click the green ‘Add’ button to add each table. Click ‘Save’ to complete. Seating ConfigurationYou only need to add tables which are allocated to incoming reservations. You do not need to add every table (or seat) in your restaurant or business.

5. You’re done: Seatout will confirm that your restaurant has been successfully setup. Completed

Your Public Reservation Site

Seatout will generate a unique URL (web site address) for your public reservation site based on the name of the business. The format of the URL is:

yourbusinessname is generated by taking your business’ name and removing special characters like spaces, apostrophes, and colons.

Finding Your Way Around

Once created, you will see your business represented by a card within Seatout. Each business has two icons shown on the bottom:

Restaurant Card

  • Configure (gear icon) allows you to customize your reservation form, policies, staff permissions, table configuration, and operating hours.
  • The Reservation Calendar (calendar icon) displays your upcoming reservations.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations with the same business name, create one entry in Seatout for each location. While some settings may be similar between them (name, website, email, hours), the reservation book and the vast majority of settings (seating configuration, address, staff permissions) are different.

To help differentiate them for your guests, we recommend you append the location or neighborhood to the business name. Examples: Dave’s Pizza - East Village, Dave’s Pizza - Brooklyn, Dave’s Pizza - Uptown

Next Steps

Once created, spend some time customizing and validating your public reservation site. We recommend that you walk through the process of creating a reservation from your guest’s perspective. Once you fix any incorrect settings, promote your reservation site to your guests.


  • In some instances, Seatout may be unable to accurately determine your location. If so, the list of recommended businesses may be incorrect. We’ve observed this behavior in Hawaii, where geolocation insisted we were in Los Angeles, due to the Internet’s physical topology.

  • Seatout’s autocomplete may not be aware of newly-formed businesses. If you don’t see your business listed, you will have to manually enter each data point.

  • Recommendations will include restaurants, bars, salons, doctors, hotels, and night clubs. If your business does not match one of these categories, it may not be included in the recommendations.