Evaluating Seatout

Interested in adopting Seatout for your restaurant or small business? Learn more.

What is Seatout? Who is Seatout for?

Seatout allows restaurant owners, general managers, and staff to take online reservations for their business.

What are the advantages of Seatout over legacy reservation systems?

  • Free. There are no up-front costs, no contracts, no setup fees, no per-user fees, no per-device fees, and no high-pressure sales team.
  • No special hardware to buy or rent. Use your existing smartphones, tablets, and PCs to view and manage your reservations.
  • Lower your no-show rate, increase table utilization, and get paid faster using optional reservation deposits.
  • Reduce or eliminate your need for a reservationist. Eliminate the need for manual guest confirmation over email or phone.
  • Designed and built by a 2-time restauranteur. Get help and support directly from the founder.

Can I use Seatout for my non-restaurant business?

Yes. While originally designed for restaurants, Seatout can be used for salons, masseuses, dentists, or any other business which takes reservations.

How much does Seatout cost?

Seatout is free if you choose not to use reservation deposits. If you choose to enable reservation deposits, fees apply which are generally around 6% of the deposit amount.

What do I need to run Seatout?

Seatout is delivered as software as a service (SAAS). To use Seatout, you must have an Internet connection and a device with a web browser (e.g. smartphones, tablets, PCs).

What happens if I lose Internet connectivity at my business or restaurant?

Use your mobile phone’s web browser to access Seatout’s management application. For redundancy, some businesses choose to print their daily reservations before service.

Does Seatout help guests discover my business or restaurant?

Seatout relies on you (e.g. business owners, general managers) to drive guests to your reservation form. This can include online ads, social media, email campaigns, traffic from your website, and press releases.

Does Seatout offer a loyalty, points, or rewards program for guests?

No. Unlike hotels and airlines loyalty programs, restaurant loyalty programs (like OpenTable’s Dining Rewards) don’t encourage repeat business. Instead, they incent guests to make reservations at other “in-network” restaurants. This benefits OpenTable, but does not benefit restaurants themselves.

Where can I get more help?

Begin by looking at help.seatout.com. If you require more assistance, you may call the founder on his personal phone number (located in the welcome email you received when you registered).

How is Seatout organized?

Seatout is comprised of two websites:

How do I get started?

Register. Learn more about the process here.