Learn how to configure Seatout for a bar

Example Configuration: Bar

Canon is a small bar, with 35 total seats and five tables. Canon’s management wishes to allocate two 4-top tables to reservations, and leave the rest of the floor available for walk ins. To help optimize table utilization, reservations are only offered during traditionally slow times.


Age Restriction: Because Canon is a bar, only guests 21 and older are permitted. Reservation Duration: On average, tables turn every 60 minutes. To allow for a buffer and time for the table to be reset, the reservation duration is set to 70 minutes.

Reservation Deposits

Deposit Amount: The reservation deposit amount is set to $15, which is below the check average. Canon’s intention is to deter no-shows, not prepayment.

Seating and Table Configuration

With only five total tables, Canon’s management allocates one table to reservations and leave the remaining four open to walk-ins.


Canon is busiest between 6:30pm and 10pm. Instead of allowing customers to book a reservation at any time during service, Canon opts to allow reservations during traditionally slow times. “Fixed Scheduling” is enabled and the only permitted reservation times are set to 5pm, 6pm, 10pm, 11pm, and midnight.