Seatout: Help and Documentation

Start taking reservations with Seatout in as little as 5 minutes, for free.

Getting Started with Seatout

Creating Your First Restaurant in Seatout

Start taking reservations for your business in as little as 5 minutes.

Customizing Your Reservation Site

Configure your public reservation form, policies, reservation deposits, table configuration, and permissions

Testing Your Public Reservation Site

Learn how to validate your public reservation site before going live.

Managing Your Reservation Calendar

Learn how to view, search, and edit your upcoming reservations

Promoting Your Reservation Site

Learn how to drive traffic to your public reservation site

How Seatout Schedules a Reservation

Behind the scenes, what happens when a guest makes a reservation?

Seating and Table Management

Learn how to configure seating for your restaurant

Staff Permissions

Allow additional staff members permission to view and manage your reservation book.

Why Seatout Sucks

Let's be honest. Seatout isn't for everyone. Here's why you shouldn't use Seatout.

Reservation Deposits

Setting up Reservation Deposits

Setup reservation deposits and track incoming revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how reservation deposits reduce your reservation no-show rate, put butts in seats, and help you make more money.

Reservation Deposit Fee Structure

What does Seatout charge to process reservation deposits?

Deposit Revenue and Refunds

Seatout allows you to define your refund policy and control how you get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluating Seatout

Interested in adopting Seatout for your restaurant or small business? Learn more.

Example Configurations

Learn how to configure Seatout for your business.
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